Some of the best fighting games ever

Fighting video games have been a constant in the industry since its inception, back in the 1970s. Two (or more) types, their fists and feet as main weapons (although the creativity to do damage with other parts of the body is usually present) and the desire to knock down the adversary is all that is needed to have fun, get devastating coup combos or spectacular special attacks.

The best fighting games never cease to be fashionable no matter how many years they pass; the new generation of consoles has gradually been filled in recent years with high-quality fighting games that deserve our full attention. Here are some of the best:

Street Fighter

With this saga it could be said that everything began. Street Fighter II was a before and after for the genre of fighting games, all the arcades had the incombustible Street Fighter II, with its innumerable versions. The rest is history.

A classic that is living a second golden age these years thanks to Street Fighter IV, in a short time will appear the fifth part on PlayStation 4.


Saga fetish of the consoles PlayStation, this saga became great thanks to the 3 deliveries that came out in the first console of Sony. Not for less, with each delivery bordered on perfection, until it came Tekken 3, which for many is the best fighting game created in a game console.

The Namco saga continued to enjoy enviable health, with better and worse games, perhaps the last great Tekken was 5, which appeared on PlayStation 2. One of the best sagas of all time, currently awaiting its seventh part, after the excellent Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Dead or Alive

Tecmo’s wrestling saga was always halfway between Virtua Fighter and Tekken. Tecmo did this by differing greatly in the sensuality of his fighters, something that has brought him controversy in successive installments, largely due to the mini suits that have wrestled the wrestlers one installment after another.

Possibly Dead or Alive 2 is the best of the whole saga, rivaled in its day with the same Soul Calibur as the best wrestling game of Dreamcast and the moment. After that Microsoft signed the exclusivity of the saga where you could see a Dead or Alive 4 at a great level. Currently the saga is multiplatform again, reaching a larger audience.

Mortal Kombat

One of the mythical sagas of the era of the 16 bits and at the same time the most controversial of all, largely to fatalities and blood. A saga that created school and many clones. The most violent of all, it became famous for that, but this saga hid a great gameplay, in addition to the use of pre-rendered graphics that took it to another level in terms of fighting games in the 16-bit era.

Spent a good time without a game coming out, especially in 3D, it will not be until Mortal Kombat V in 128-bit systems that put the saga back in the place it deserved.