Do you need an estate lawyer for major changes in your house?

Some people think that a real estate lawyer in Barcelona is only needed when signing a real estate contract or if there are problems with the mortgage. But the truth is that there are small details that we miss and it is always better to have the advice of a professional.

The refurbishment of a house, if it includes structural changes, must be communicated to the landlord in rental contracts. In any case, we must not stop thinking that the real estate market is recovering and that large companies are reawakening their interest in investing in this sector. If you think about the above, the answer is clear as to whether it is worth renting and refurbishing an apartment, albeit clear, always bearing in mind a number of variables that may be crucial for investment to provide positive results in the end.

Refurbishing and renting an apartment: Investment plan

As has been mentioned, with the circumstances of the current market, the real estate sector is again an interesting option to invest, of course in this case doing everything possible to reform a second-hand apartment, then rented to those who are interested in it.

Below are some of the advantages of investing in renting and refurbishing an apartment:

  • The return that will be obtained in the long term once sufficient money is invested to reform will be considerable. In that sense, it’s worth it.
  • According to the performance of the second-hand housing market in this city, the sales trend is characterized as positive.
  • It should be noted that the number of properties sold is not only considerable, but prices are low.
  • In other words, this kind of real estate transactions are once again becoming an alternative to take into account.

Risks of this kind of investment

  • Any type of investment entailed a risk and in this particular case is linked to the final cost of the works.
  • By this we mean the hidden elements or variables when reforming, that is, those circumstances that are not in sight, but which may imply an unforeseen event when reforming.
  • The same applies to the definition and delimitation of the limit of works in a reform. Otherwise, the budget is always shifted.
  • Finally, it is necessary to think about acquisition costs and reform, thinking in terms of taxes and fees.

In conclusion, there are many variables that must be analyzed by anyone interested in an investment of this kind. It would also be advisable to consult with experts who already have experience in the field, to enable any decision that is actually made to be beneficial for the project and that in the medium or long term will not represent an obstacle or obstacle to achieving the desired results.