How to choose the best watches online

Sports watches are booming and it is overwhelming the amount of products, brands, prices and features that we can find in the market. For that reason, it is interesting to have very clear the use that we are going to give to our sports watch, to optimize your decision to buy watches online and to acquire a product that really is profitable for us, in terms of quality – price and also in usability.

Here we have decided to save you time with these tips, so that when you go to your favorite store or you are looking for on the Internet, choose the product that most closely matches your profile as an athlete. Don’t lose sight of these factors:


The price range of sports watches is very wide, obviously the cheaper ones offer less functionality but that doesn’t mean they are worse. Okay, you buy the most expensive watch but are you really going to use all its features? Maybe yes or maybe not, it depends on your level and type of training, so evaluate those features well so you don’t buy “too much”.


What do you want the sports watch for? This is one of the first questions you have to ask yourself. Some models are quite general in terms of type of sport, but more and more manufacturers specialize the product to make it optimal for running, cycling, swimming, and so on.


The furor of GPS makes us see this feature as essential, but stop to think a little. Are you really going to need it? Maybe, if you go out to have a good time and take a walk around the usual circuit, maybe you won’t need it so much. GPS is one of the features that can make your sports watch more expensive, but it can be very useful to choose the detailed metrics it offers about your training and improve your performance. So, if you’re serious and like racing, yes, better a GPS one.


Your watch can have a heart rate meter, useful if you care about your health and want to know how far you want to go and when you should stop. Need it? Yes, right? It depends on what you think, but we do recommend it.


There are models that allow us to load maps and track route points for areas away from cities etc, but we ask as in the case of GPS, are you going to use them? If you simply go running or cycling in the green area of your neighborhood or frequent places the answer will be NO. On the other hand, if you are an adventurous sportsman who loves to discover new places, this specification will be very necessary.


When it comes to “multi-sport” sports watches, because you need them, for example, for triathlon, it’s important that you can switch from one sport to another without having to pause or stop the routine. Take a good look at this before you buy!


It’s very important if you don’t want to run out of your stored routine before you finish it. Always look at how long the battery lasts, take it off a little and think if it will be enough for you or if you need something with more performance.


With WiFi everything is better. If your sports watch wears it, you can connect to it to share your progress, your maps, etc.


Obviously, if you are going to practice a water sport, you will need a sports watch that is very resistant to the environment. Take a good look at this feature, as although most of them are typically labeled “water resistant”, they are not, so be sure to choose a specialized product.


Materials are one of the features that will also influence the price of your sports watch. But in addition to price, we have to look at ergonomics and quality. Make sure that the strap is safe and comfortable for you, that it won’t give you any kind of allergy problem etc and, as for the cover, if it is made of sapphire crystal, better. This will avoid many scratches and even unnecessary breakages. If you practice outdoor activities, it is also better if your crystal is anti-reflective. Take a good look at the display and make sure you can read the numbers and letters well.


In case your watch does not have GPS, or if it does not work, this gadget uses the atmospheric pressure measurement to calculate the altitude. With it and a map you can calculate your location in case you get lost. It is useful if you practice mountain sports.


If you are looking for your best brand and you want to have everything under control, it will be super useful, but if you are one of those who go out to do sport for fun, with no other goal than that, you won’t really need it.