Advice on how to drive more safely

Driving should be a relaxed and rewarding activity. Be nice to other drivers, practice the basic rules of courtesy and treat your car well, so that we all enjoy ourselves. You may get a little nervous the first few times at the wheel, but don’t worry because it’s normal. No one is born learned, and the more miles you go, the better you drive. Practice using the car to make getaways that suit you, and then’ catch your eye’.

Take care of your vehicle, don’t make unnecessary or disproportionate efforts. Treat it with special care in the first few minutes after starting, especially if it is very cold, drive gently until the water and oil temperatures rise. At the wheel it is very easy to warm up and lose good manners from any incident, take a deep breath and be sympathetic to other drivers. Be especially courteous to older cars. For example, don’t make them brake downhill, sometimes they need that reprimand to climb the next hill.

Safety comes first when driving

Pedestrians and two-wheeled vehicles are always the most vulnerable, give in if there is a conflict, think that it can cost them very expensive.

On the some website you will find all the information about traffic regulations, road safety tips and good practices at the wheel. Please note that in other countries regulations may vary. I’m sure you know other valuable tips and tricks that you use every day, share them by leaving your comment here, so that we can all improve at the wheel.

Tips to become a better driver

  • Turn on the headlights of the car not only serves to see, but also to be seen, always keep this in mind.

  • The foggy days, sunrise and sunset are the most dangerous times, make sure you are seen by other vehicles. If in doubt, turn on the low beam. If your car is black or gray, don’t even hesitate, daytime running lights save lives.

  • It is obligatory to drive with the dipped-beam headlamp switched on when the lane is reversible or provisionally open against normal driving, which is very common in construction sites.

  • Not to mention driving with the position lights, because in addition to being useless, you can be fined because it is forbidden.

  • Unless you drive around town, always use the’ long’ ones at night, the main lights, as their name suggests. The’ short’ ones are the dipped beam headlights, which you have to put on so as not to disturb when you come across a vehicle, you have one in front of you, or on urban roads.

  • In the curves to the right you have to remove the’ long’ ones first so as not to dazzle those who come from the front, if the curve is to the left you can delay the change a little more.

  • If you are dazzled by a car in front of you with the headlights, point your gaze towards the right lane of the road, which delimits the shoulder. You will avoid glare but you can follow the lane without leaving.

  • Keep your windshield clean. If you drive too fast, the crashing insects will make you lose it. Stop at a gas station and clean it with soap and water to avoid reflections.