Do you need a graphic designer to create a website?

One of the doubts that often arise on the part of people who require a website, has to do with how necessary it is to hire a graphic designer, considering that perhaps it is only necessary to have the services of a programmer.

In this respect, it is necessary to be very emphatic that the role that a web designer assumes for the consolidation of a page is fundamental, since he is the person in charge of each of the decisions at a visual level, which are ultimately those that are in the user’s view. You must look for a graphic designer that can combine talent and experience, which is something that is not always easy.


The graphic image of a website

In principle, it should be noted that the entire programming structure will be in the hands of one person with the necessary knowledge, i.e. a programmer or at least someone who is familiar with pre-designed platforms for information management such as a CMS, where the examples of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. are located.

However, beyond the above, this structure is not the one that will interact with each of the users who visit the website, but the graphic aspect will be the one that will end up being the key to guaranteeing a good navigation of the visitors and in this order of ideas it is understood that the work of the graphic designer is relevant. In other words, even if you have a whole platform and structure that is of the highest quality and meets all standards, the truth is that if the graphic design is not attractive or functional for users, the web project will end up being a failure.
How to optimize web design

At present, one of the first aspects to be taken into account in order to determine that an Internet project can achieve a certain success is to analyze the design, the usability conditions so that users can develop in it and even the facilities that exist to adapt in a matter of seconds.

Therefore, to answer if it is really necessary to hire a graphic designer to create a website, we must think about the above: if the project is not designed to facilitate navigation for users, the answer is no, but if what you are looking for is usability, user comfort, a good visual appearance and to guide the project to the taste of the visitor, the answer is yes. In short, the answer is going to be found in the hands of each person, depending on the way in which the project is to be carried out.