Hire a lawyer to keep your job (or compensation) safe

Most people only use a labour lawyer in serious cases: dismissal, harassment, substantial modification of working conditions, reduction of working hours for childcare… but the labour lawyer is a professional who can help you throughout your working life. It is true that for many of the labor procedures in the social jurisdiction does not require the intervention of a lawyer, and hence the custom of not resorting to the labor lawyer as a preventive figure.

Un jurado consiste en doce personas elegidas para decidir quién tiene el mejor abogado.”

 – Robert Frost.

You may not know of any labor lawyers in Madrid and you have never been aware of the right to work, either because it is your first work experience, because of the continuous reforms in labor legislation or because you simply do not intend to be interested in these aspects.

It is better to be safe than sorry

The employment lawyer will protect you from potential vulnerabilities in your employment relationship with your employer. The lack of knowledge of labor law puts you in a situation of danger and vulnerability to your employer, so it is very convenient that from the beginning of your stage of employment you have a labor lawyer of your confidence to guide you on the aspects of your employment relationship.

With that belief, that of seeing labor lawyers as a preventative figure and not simply necessary to resolve labor disputes, I will face this post and I will also provide you with the important keys to choose the best labor lawyer at your fingertips. The first contact you will have with the company will be the conclusion of the employment contract. At this point, you should know what kind of contract you are going to sign.

An important figure for your contract

The labour lawyer must be present at the first employment contract you sign. I know that it may be distrusting for the businessman to see you reading this type of document at the time of signing, but it is essential to do so. In it, such essential aspects of the employment relationship as the duration of the same, the working day, shift, applicable agreement, extra pay, salary, etc. will be regulated.

But don’t worry, we understand that sometimes the situation rules and you may feel compelled to sign contracts that you won’t sign at other times. In these circumstances, it is also very useful to have a labor lawyer to help you distinguish which situations you should or should not endure and what steps you should take to report these abuses and improve your work situation. Don’t you think it’s important enough to put your labor rights in the hands of a good labor lawyer from the start?

You should be aware that the fact that there is a succession of companies means that your previous working conditions, such as length of service, salary, etc., must be respected… The problems arise with the request for reinstatement in cases where leave of absence does not entail the reservation of a job.