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Exercises and Devices for Your Abs – Do They Really Work?

There are many exercises and fitness products that are being advertised on television, books, and magazines, and on the web, that claim to be able to give us the abs of our dream and to get rid of belly fat. However, most of them are scams that have no basis in health and fitness.

Recently while in Germany and navigating through some websites (OK, I confess, I was looking into German adult websites and for big tits – große titten pornos in German), I constantly was advertised about a single product: the Ab Circle.

The Ab Circle is an exercise device that is claimed to be able to shape and strengthen the abdominal muscles. After seeing it all across German websites, TV ads, and even on billboards, we decided to investigate further. Is that type of exercise device as good as it claims to be? Or is it just another “get flat abs in minutes” scam?

In order to check if the Ab Circle commercials in Germany were telling the truth about this product, we’ve asked the cooperation of a personal trainer that also happens to be a nutritionist named Kathrin Thiele.

Well, the results might surprise you. Keep reading and you’ll know everything about the Ab Circle and how does it compare to other exercises and devices.

woman training
A woman training with an exercise ball

What is it?

The Ab Circle is an exercise device that claims to be able to help people lose fat from the abdominal area very easily. It has been advertised as a revolutionary exercise machine that will give us more than just flat abs – it will help us get into shape, get rid of belly fat and actually grow new muscles in the abdominal area.

The Ab Circle’s claim to fame is that it will get rid of belly fat and strengthen your core muscles at the same time. The exercise system, which consists of a padded two-part wheel on rollers that can be connected with a cable, uses a resistance band.

Let’s check its main characteristics and supposed benefits

This device is actually made up of plastic beads that are connected to the floor and allow you to sit on it, thus giving you the ability to isolate your abdominal muscles. This exercise tool is also claimed by the company to enable you to strengthen the muscles of your stomach, upper abs, and obliques. It also comes along with a fitness guide and diet chart that includes recipes for a healthy life and how to get into a diet regime that targets your abs.

Comparing to other similar devices and types of exercises for abs

There are many health and fitness devices and magazines that are also available that claim to give the users the abdominal muscles of their dreams. Unfortunately, they also fail to tell the users what their diet needs to be or what is required to be done in order to get those desired abdominal muscles.

The only advantage of buying these magazines is that you could get access to recipes that the company doesn’t want to share with the public. There are also several videos that are also available that help you to strengthen your abs including the obliques. However, you need to know that when you watch the videos, do some reading and experiment some on your own.

Conclusion and advice

After testing it and asking for the help and feedback of the personal trainer Kathrin Thiele, we can conclude that the Ab Circle can improve and get your abs in shape. However, so does other types of devices and exercises.

There are many products that claim to give you the perfect abs and to remove belly fat. They also fail to tell the users what is needed to be done in order to get those desired abs. It is also important to know that there are no magic ab exercises that can help the users get those abs.

There are also a few exercises that are also made to help the users strengthen their abs.

The best way to get those abs that you want is to work hard and sweat. Try to go to the gym and work out 3-5 times per week or if you are not confident enough, you can try to go jogging or do yoga class. Also try different types of ab exercises such as reverse crunches, long arms, bent knee crunch, etc.