Studies for cars designing

Working in automotive design is a world to which most of those who love the cars want to enter. However, the information on the activities carried out there are rare, hard to find, and sometimes even incomprehensible. Especially when those seeking the information are young people who are not clear on what design is and what are the possible ways to get there. Many believe that the design is something very specific and there begins the problem. The reality is that design is a very broad concept, which includes many activities for which you are needed different profiles of engineers.

An example of this is the design interior or exterior of the car, where it is necessary to define the lines, the volumes, the proportions for the product to be functional and attractive for a specific market. Another example is the design of systems or components where there is a need for experienced engineers, planners, creatives, and they can offer solutions to the problems that the new car raises them.

A career for different profiles

To design cars you need graphic artists, industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, and even aeronautical engineers when the geometries should be optimized to reduce the aerodynamic drag, or in the case of a sports car, increase the vertical load. The first thing to be clear is that there are many ways of doing design, learn is something fundamental. In the first place will be to think about what part of the design you are interested in. You can’t be a generalist and say everything.

The reality is that there is no university that teaches you everything you need to know to design a car. The university is a place where you will learn the knowledge that you will serve as a foundation to later be able to specialize through courses, masters and masters ‘ degrees in certain areas of the design.

It is therefore necessary to be clear if you are drawn to the calculation of aerodynamic, engine or brakes. Or maybe the ergonomics, the safety, or the dynamics of the vehicle are the fields of design you will attract.

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